Robot Ethics                            

This is a research project that began with a new product -- Lego Mindstorms Robotics System -- which led to a new kind of academic review -- of a toy -- and then to a  graduate course and now the Robot Ethics Lab with an expanded robot ecology.

Our Robots Meet the Press

Some sociable robots:

Researchable Projects in Ethics and Robots

Things to do in the Lab - Help Wanted

Robot Ecology: Our Various Bots

Robot tournaments around the world

Ethics & Technology in the News (moved to Radar)


BattleBricks - When Good Plastic Goes Bad Great name; source of software for remote control of multiple robots. Excellent list of types of competitions includes some cooperative tasks. 

RoboCup Jr. -- Soccer for MindStorms Robots. A "smart" ball and innovative field compensate for limited MindStorms sensors. 

"Positive Hacking" with Lego Robots

Ethics and Robotics in the 21st Century, The Tech Museum of Innovation, San Jose CA

AAAI Pathfinder Robotics Page

Bad Human Factors Designs A neat normative web site idea.

Last Edit: 11/12/02